Pocket Digitiser  v.1.0

Permits digitising 'on screen' from a scanned image. Calibrate/register from four points. Compensation for X and Y direction 'paper stretch'. Point and stream mode. Mouse and arrow key positioning of cursor. Optional point name input. Easy editing.

OptoModel  v.

Optomodel is a tool for digitising real world objects into a 3D mesh using pictures from a digital camera. 3D points are sampled by the user using pairs of images. These points are joined together to create the faces of the mesh.


Cross Stitch Professional Platinum  v.

Cross Stitch Professional for Windows can be used for converting photographs and clipart into cross stitch charts. It can also be used to design charts starting with a blank sheet.

I-Know Moulding  v.1 1

i-Know Moulding offers Instant Mould Previews for each stage of product development. Use automatic mould review for feedback within seconds on any 3D design.

EuroCAD PatternDesigner  v.11.0

EuroCAD Pattern Designer is the software environment in which the designer's ideas are easily transformed into perfectly built and checked pattern projects.

VinylStudio for Mac  v.8.5.0

VinylStudio has all the features you need to convert your records and tapes to CD, MP3 and other digital formats.

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